SEE REPORT ? Exercise 1 - Phrasal Verbs
Use the phrasal verbs below to complete the sentences. Use a pronoun if needed.
dropped out         find out         clearing up         going up         lie down        look out
made up         picks up         show up         call __ back         caught on

1. You know how Barry is always late, but he'll eventually.
2. There's a huge factory on the corner of State and Richards. Construction has been ongoing for over two years!
3. You have a migraine headache? Here, take some Tylenol and for a while.
4. My girlfriend and I had a disagreement, and she refuses to speak to me. We've had fights before, but not like this one. We have always eventually, but I don't know about this time.
5. If Steve calls, tell him I'll tomorrow morning.
6. Senator Graham of the race. He decided not to run for re-election because of his ailing health.
7. I hope business soon. Sales have been down for the six months that we have been open.
8. How can I about recycling batteries in Norwalk? I don't want to just put them in the trash.
9. ! You almost ran a red light. Are you daydreaming or driving?
10. Look! The weather is . The party is going to be great outdoors.
11. Tablet computers have really ; students everywhere are using them.


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