SEE REPORT ? Exercise 5 - Phrasal Verbs
Choose the word(s) that mean the same as the underlined word(s).

1. What story did you invent this time as an excuse for being late?
2. This paint is scratched. Let's improve it a little.
3. Most children try not to disappoint their parents.
4. A lamp will illuminate this corner nicely.
5. Mark works so hard that he's sure to succeed.
6. What a great idea! Who invented it?
7. A question arose while we were talking about the science project.
8. It's time to quit eating junk food and drinking soda.
9. The more you know about life, the more you get out of it.
10. When did the company hire them?
11. My student days were great. I remember them often.
12. The doctor feels he cannot put off her operation for more than a week.
13. A good business student will not get ahead if he or she doesn't work hard at public relations.
14. I'll be a little late because I have to take this film to be developed.
15. Kevin's going to return from vacation tomorrow.


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