SEE REPORT ? Exercise 2 - Phrasal Verbs
Choose the correct word that completes the phrasal verb.

1. Mrs. Nathaniel will draw (around, together) talented students to make the play a success.
2. Sooyoung told me that Mrs. Nathaniel laid (off, out) some of her own money for the production.
3. She wants to put (through, together) the cast by the end of the month.
4. She has promised to put (down, up) a final cast list by next Monday.
5. NCC's drama club is putting (in, on) a play this semester.
6. Students are encouraged to try (out, on) for the play.
7. The number of students who showed (on, up) for auditions was far greater than expected.
8. Mrs. Nathaniel wants to set (in, up) an elaborate set.
9. She thought (over, up) a great way to get students involved in the play.
10. Mrs. Nathaniel has taken (out, on) a huge production.
11. By Tuesday, she will have picked (up, out) the lead and supporting actors.
12. Alice called me (out, up) every night to give me all the details.
13. Most of the students who turned (on, up) were aspiring actors.
14. There are some challenges that need to be figured (on, out) before the set can be built.


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