SEE REPORT ? Exercise 3 - Phrasal Verbs
Complete the sentences with the information and phrasal verbs from person A.

1. A: Hostess laid off over eight hundred employees yesterday.
    B: Isn't it terrible? And I heard Hostess without any warning.

2. A: Can't I talk you into going with me?
    B: No, you can't . I have to study.

3. A: I'm going to go after that job in the student center. I really want it.
    B: You should . It sounds great!

4. A: Hitomi is fooling around with your tablet again.
    B: I don't mind her using it, but I don't want her .

5. A: Did Marcus ever pay back the money he owed?
    B: Yes, he did. In fact, he just yesterday.

6. A: How are you getting along with your new supervisor?
    B: Oh, We really well. He's wonderful!

7. A: Did the teacher call on you yesterday?
    B: Yes, he twice!

8. A: Did I tell you I ran into Scott yesterday?
    B: No, but that's funny. I last week. He seems to be doing well.


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