SEE REPORT ? Exercise 11 - Participles
Write the participle form of the verb by adding ed or ing to make an adjective.
Example: All of the graduates felt inspired(inspire) by Steve Jobs' speech.

1. By the day of the audition, Heather was ready, and she was not (intimidate) by the other dancers.
2. Weeks later, however, a letter arrived with the (puzzle) news that Heather did not get the scholarship.
3 & 4. When Heather was older, she (astonish) everyone by applying for a scholarship to a national dance school. The most (astonish) thing was that she was only fourteen years old.
5. That point of view was (comfort) to Heather's new boyfriend.
6. With her dream of becoming a professional dancer delayed, Heather decided to concentrate on her studies. All in all, her life was pretty (satisfy).
7. As the time for the audition drew closer, Heather was (excite), and by practicing daily, she got better and better.
8. When Heather was young, she felt (compel) to dance whenever she heard music on the radio.
9. Her mother was (mystify) by this because no one had ever taught Heather to dance.
10 & 11. The (require) movements were especially (challenge).
12. That was a bit (disappoint), but she knew she could try again next year.


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