SEE REPORT ? Exercise 7 - Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
Write the comparative or superlative form of the adjective. Include the in the superlative and than in the comparative.
A: Your new garden is so colorful!
B: Yes, but our neighbor's garden is more colorful.
A: Wow! This is a very large room.
B: Thanks. We renovated the second floor and made both bedrooms larger.

A: Is your new house big?
B: Yes, it is. It's a lot 1 our old one.

A: Why is the traffic so bad today?
B: I don't know, but it's 2 it was yesterday.

A: Mr. Torres is an easy teacher.
B: You're right. He's 3 Mrs. Wagner.

A: The park is crowded this morning.
B: It's 4 the museum because the weather is perfect.

A: Hamburgers are good for barbecuing.
B: That's true. But chicken is 5.

A: Brown bread is healthy for you, right?
B: Yes, I think it's 6 white bread.

A: Basketball is popular in the United States and Canada.
B: Yes, it is. But baseball is 7.

A: Did you see My Husband, Jack on TV last night? It was very funny.
B: It was, but I thought last week's show was 8.

A: The United States is a large country.
B: Yes, but some countries are 9 the United States.

A: Is the water warm?
B: Yes, it is. It's 10 a hot tub.

A: Brown rice is good for you, right?
B: Yes, I think it's 11 for you than white rice.

A: This painting is pretty bad.
B: I agree. But the one over there is 12.

A: Africa is a large continent.
B: Yes, but Asia is 13 Africa.

A: The prime minister gave an interesting speech.
B: Yes, but the president's speech was 14.

A: Baseball is becoming popular in South Africa.
B: Yes, but soccer is still 15.


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