SEE REPORT ? Exercise 4 - Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
Complete the sentences with the comparative or superlative form of the given adjective. Use than and the when needed.
Examples: This house is bigger than (big) I thought.
Have you seen the list of the top ten most dangerous (dangerous) cities? We're number one again.

1. Janice is (old) Gina.
2. This car is (fast) that one.
3. Our chicken sandwiches are (good) theirs.
4. Her hair is (dark) mine.
5. Buying a new car is (expensive) fixing my car.
6. This is (fast) animal that does not fly.
7. Greely's is the (less, expensive) of the five restaurants in town.
8 & 9. Nina is wealthy. Vance is very wealthy. Vance is (wealthy) Nina, but Hank is (wealthy) of the three.
10. Credit cards are (convenient) form of payment.
11. Reading a magazine is (easy) reading a history textbook.
12. He is (good) student in the class.
13. Gail didn't eat lunch today, so of course she is (hungry) us.
14. The dish is (small) I expected.
15. You are (lucky) person I know.


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