SEE REPORT ? Exercise 1 - Comparative Adjectives
Choose the correct comparative form.
Example: Pepsi has a sweeter taste than Coke.

1. Sorry we're late. Your house is much than we thought.
2. Write the report first. It's more important your other work.
3. The faster Travis walks,
4. Laura is staying home. Her cold is a lot today.
5. Have you ever eaten ostrich? It tastes like beef, but it's for you.
6. The lunch menu is very short. It's than the dinner menu.
7. The United States Canada. Canada is much larger.
8. It's getting more to find an affordable apartment.
9. The weather has been bad all morning, and I think it's getting
10. During the past month, the news has been getting
11. The Mississippi River the Amazon. The Amazon is longer.


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