SEE REPORT ? Exercise 12 - Participles
Write the participle form of the verb by adding ed or ing to make an adjective.
Example: All of the graduates felt inspired(inspire) by Steve Jobs' speech.

1. The (startle) burglar dropped his tools and the stolen goods when he ran out the door.
2. The (frustrate) child turned red and screamed.
3. The (enrage) steer bellowed and charged the rancher.
4. Mother’s (line) face reflected a lifetime of smiles, laughter, and love.
5. When the (attack) wasps swarmed around him, Jon stood still and was not stung.
6. The (pierce) lanterns cast beautiful light patterns along the banks of the river.
7. Her newly (purchase) collar already had a large red stain.
8. You need more than a (smile) face to impress the judges.
9. (Train) technicians prepared the Space Shuttle Columbia for takeoff.
10. One of the most (recommend) features of the coat is its warm lining.
11. The (shiver) sheep huddled together out of the wind.
12. The Cinco de Mayo party on our block is always the most attended (attend) event of the year.
13. The (exhaust) farmer ate a hearty supper after his ten-hour workday.
14. On Easter Island, strikingly (carve) statues are set up on stone platforms.
15. Our family is going to an amusement park to ride its (tower) roller coaster.


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