SEE REPORT ? Exercise 1 - Conjunctions
Complete the letter with the correct conjunctions.

Dear Cara,
     I have just a little time before my grammar class, (so, but) this will be a short letter. This semester has been difficult, (but, or) I am enjoying it. I am taking two English classes, (and, so) I am also on the student council. Being on the council has taught me a lot, (so, but) it takes up a lot of my time.
     Studying takes up most of my time, (and, but) I am trying to find time for sports, too. I have to keep in shape! This weekend I am going hiking with some classmates. Do you remember the time we went hiking, (and, so) we could not find our way back?
     Your visit is in just two weeks! I am really looking forward to seeing you, (and, but) I am sure we will have a great time. You can stay in my dorm, (and, or) I can arrange for the both of us to stay with my grandparents. Which would you prefer to do? My grandparents don't live far from my dorm, (and, but) I know they will want to see you.
     Let me know which train you are taking, (so, but) I can meet you at the station.


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