SEE REPORT Conjunctions

Explanation: Coordinating conjunctions join clauses.

give the reason
The homeowner felt comfortable leaving his wife and kids for a month, for he invested in the best security system available.
two things happen
It was a long day, and I wasn't sure about the characters walking into the bar at that time of night.
two negatives
The thieves did not plan the heist well, nor did they have any previous experience in crime.
two different sides; contrast
Margaret wanted to take me to dinner, but Stacy had already asked to go to a movie.
one of two choices
We could drive up to the coast for the weekend, or we could save up a little more and take a longer trip in the summer.
an outcome despite a fact
The city has a robust manufacturing industry, yet it suffers from high crime and poverty.
give the result
I needed more evidence against Mr. Berth, so I went back to the crime scene to see if there was anything I had missed.

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