SEE REPORT ? Exercise 4 - Conjunctions
Change the bold parts using the given connector to combine the sentences. Use the correct pronouns.

1. John arrived at the airport just 10 minutes before his flight was scheduled to depart. John had trouble starting his car. (because)

2. The rain has stopped. We can open the windows and get some fresh air. (so)

3. We will have to contact Mr. Barrett by mail. Mr. Barrett has neither e-mail nor a fax machine. (since)

4. Mindy did not enjoy going to the movies. Mindy had left her eyeglasses at home. (because)

5. Morgan Ortega has to do a lot of traveling. Morgan is the senior manager for the western division of his company. (since)

6. We can stay up late and talk. We don't have to go to work tomorrow. (since)

7. I need to find a new place to get my hair cut. My barber has retired after 40 years. (because)

8. Fighting between the two groups has begun again. The two groups refused to sign the peace treaty. (because)

9. Future funding for the space program is uncertain. The last three space missions failed. (since)

10. The cost of cigarettes has risen 400 percent in the last three years. Cigarette taxes have risen. (because)


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