SEE REPORT ? Exercise 6 - Conjunctions
Choose because or even though.

1. Peter refused the offer  he needed the money.
2.  Mary has a car, she walks to work.
3. James won't sell his car  his father gave it to him before he passed away last summer.
4.  the man was blind, he walked to the station.
5. We go running every day  our doctor told us that we have pre-diabetes.
6. I would never change jobs  I love what I do and the people I work with.
7. She gives money to charity  she is not rich.
8. I will not buy you a scooter  they can be very dangerous, and what if it rains?
9. She will be unable to make your five o'clock appointment tomorrow  she has an emergency meeting.
10.  he sold the business for 6.8 billion dollars and could retire now, he still wants to work.
11. I had to pay a huge fine the other day  I was caught speeding ten miles-per-hour over the limit.
12. Josh said that he would stop by for a while  he had a bridal show to attend.
13.  we had never done it before, we were able to install the new sink ourselves.
14. She had a good time at Playland  she doesn't like roller coasters and other fast rides.
15. I was out all last week  I ate something bad last Sunday that made me very sick.


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