SEE REPORT ? Exercise 3 - Conjunctions
Choose the best way to correct each of the following. Some can be a single sentence, while others need to be split into multiple sentences. Use correct capitalization, conjunctions, and punctuation.

1. Bobbie was looking for a tablet for her brother's birthday she wanted a good selection and a low price so she used the Internet.

2. Great Ideas Toy Company continues to produce dolls RC cars construction sets and action figures but it no longer makes bicycles or board games.

3. Both Christian and his wife love the band Van Halen but they refuse to pay $60 for a ticket to a concert.

4. I have tried the liquid diet I have tried the fruit diet and the protein diet too but none of them worked.

5. The weather forecaster predicts high humidity and a light drizzle for the morning but clear skies and sun for the afternoon.

6. Flights 1120 and 950 to Hartford have been delayed but Flight 1250 is departing on time I can get you a seat on Flight 1250.

7. Matilda has written short stories and poems for the school magazine, and sports, and entertainment articles for the newspaper.

8. Greg doesn't like to drink tea or decaffeinated coffee so we need to pick up some regular coffee for him.

9. Bicycles and handicapped drivers' cars can be parked in Lot Red but everyone else needs to park in Lots Blue or Green.

10. Justyna has had many different jobs she has been a receptionist a waitress a sales clerk and a flight attendant but now she has her MBA and is the regional manager for a large conglomerate.


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