SEE REPORT ? Exercise 5 - Conjunctions
Choose because or even though.

1. we were hot, we went inside.
2. He made us leave early we wanted to stay late.
3.  there was an ice storm, the school remained opened.
4. They visited Narsapur, a large native village about six miles from the sea, they had heard that two Missionaries were established there, and we wanted to see them.
5.  the day was growing sunny and hot, the grey mist still hung at the highest peak.
6.  Marla and Tim were married for 10 years, they weren't together very often.
7.  Michelangelo enjoyed creating, he made a lot of paintings, sculptures and drawings.
8. Demi Moore shaved her head bald for the movie G.I. Jane she didn't really want to.
9. In summary, when we are giving a reason, we use .
10. When we are talking about unexpected results, we use .
11. There was no moral reaction the old rules of his life no longer applied.
12. Many of the signs for sale, experts say, are specially valuable they are fine examples of early-20th-century graphic design.
13. But Mel's the quiet type, who doesn't bother anyone he gets a lot of good-natured criticism.
14. The number of births each month on this farm has dropped 63 percent the number of women of child-bearing age has increased.
15. Iraq's food rationing system has broken down supplies are depleted.


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