SEE REPORT ? Exercise 1 - Gerunds
Write the gerund form of the given verb.

1. Daren loves (read) suspense novels.
2. Marilyn suggested (see) a movie after dinner.
3. I miss (work) in the travel industry. Maybe I can get my old job back.
4. Can you imagine (talk) on the phone for four hours?
5. Do you mind (accompany) me to the recital?
6. He always delays (set) a time when he is unprepared.
7. You have never mentioned (live) in Japan before. How long did you live there?
8. If he keeps (come) to work late, he is going to get fired!
9. Debbie enjoys (study) abroad.
10. I admit (help) Jack write his report.
11. I suggest (watch) more educational TV programs.
12. Some people dislike (eat) sweets.
13. How long ago did you quit (smoke)?
14. Please turn off all the lights when you are finished (clean) this office.
15. What time did you start (translate) this report?


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