SEE REPORT ? Exercise 2 - Gerunds
Write the gerund form of the following verbs.
drive     meet    splash    buy     write    calculate     move     make      use      look     be       try       rely     go out      eat
1. I don't enjoy financial reports.
2. We have to postpone because their is a problem with out lease agreement.
3. He admitted recklessly through the city.
4. Try to avoid water on the floor when you take a shower.
5. Look before crossing, or you risk hit by a car.
6. Have you finished last month's numbers yet. The meeting is in an hour.
7. Greg quit because he didn't enjoy with hostile and rude clients anymore.
8. We considered a home last year, but we decided the market will continue to decline and cost of ownership isn't worth it.
9. When there is a call during dinner, we just keep - no one ever answers it.
10. I'm sure he regrets that joke about Sumiko. She'll never let him live it down (forget the shame).
11. I wouldn't mind tonight. What did you have in mind?
12. Why does he keep at me like that?
13. She gave up to convince her brother to look for a better job.
14. People should stop on what they believe is true and rely on facts and scientific evidence.
15. I suggested the money for student services, but most of the members wanted to spend it on new furniture and other miscellaneous things.


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