SEE REPORT ? Exercise 3 - Infinitive or Gerund
Choose the correct gerund or infinitive form.

1. We advised a taxi instead of walking to the restaurant.
2. I cannot stand all the time.
3. The city does not allow along curbs painted red.
4. I hope you do not mind while you eat.
5. He needs to get a visa extension immediately. The authorities will not permit in the country without a visa.
6. Matt is never on time to work! I hate late every day.
7. Our professor will not allow dictionaries during the test.
8. Sandra urged in the next election.
9. She prefers dinner because she does not like to cook.
10. Travel agents usually advise flights three days before departure.
11. Bill was talking about in Morocco. He has had such an interesting life!
12. I need her me move.
13. Thank you for to the company dinner.
14. I suggest Seoul Korea.
15. We hired professional translators the documents into Japanese.
16. After work, I always go
17. Her interest in classical compositions is very impressive.
18. I do not mind your friend along with us. Why not invite him and his wife?
19. Rosella is getting tired of the same tasks at work.
20. Dieticians encourage people less sugary snacks.


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