SEE REPORT ? Exercise 5 - Infinitives
Complete the sentences with the infinitive form of the verb.

1. She lent me some money (buy) a new stove. 
2. Lately, I don't have much time (watch) TV because of my new work schedule.
3. The Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010 (make) healthcare coverage more affordable to those with limited income and pre-existing health conditions.
4. The company president has bodyguards (protect) him.
5. Do you have many opportunities (speak) Spanish outside of class?
6. She wore a wig, sunglasses, and a scarf (hide) her identity during the trip.
7. She's going to Okinawa, Japan this summer (learn) Japanese.
8. We need a can opener (open) all these. You bought all these, but didn't get a can opener?
9. We called this meeting (discuss) the consequences of the latest budget cuts.
10. He is attending Southern Illinois this fall (study) sociolinguistics.
11. The drug cartels are murdering innocent people (intimidate) local officials.
12. The team left this morning (compete) against the top teams in the nation.
13. The Flannel Corporation left the state (restart) a new more profitable company Pink Polka Dotted Bikinis.
14. I took this job (bring) innovation in this company to a new level.
15. Stagehands have taken to the streets (protest) working conditions and wages.


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