SEE REPORT ? Exercise 1 - Simple Past
Write the simple past form of the regular verb in parentheses ( ).

1. When she was nineteen, she went to college, where she (study) Anthropology.
2. They (sail) in a lifeboat back to England.
3. Terry (need) a book yesterday.
4. He also (play) the trumpet in a jazz band.
5. Nina (live) in Toronto last summer.
6. He says now that he (want) to marry her very quickly in case he died in the war.
7. My grandfather (have) a very exciting life.
8. His parents (raise) cattle, and he looked after the cows.
9. In the Atlantic, a German torpedo (rip) a hole in the side of the ship, and the ship sank.
10. Jerald (work) in Berlin last week.
11. Mark (walk) to school this morning.
12. Tracy (wait) on the staircase for five hours.
13. Lily (try) to visit Honolulu last week.
14. She (stay) at our house last night.
15. They (muddy) up my truck in Haleakala yesterday.

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