SEE REPORT ? Exercise 7 - Past with Used to
Write used to with the given verb. Complete the sentence with the subject and negative be/do contraction. Change the subject to a pronoun as needed.
Sally used to collect stamps, but she doesn't now. (collect)

1,2. I Japanese, but now. (study)
3,4. She Jacob, but now. (date)
5,6. He with Johnson, but now. (hang out)
7,8. They soccer, but now. (play)
9,10. We so much fun, but now. (have)
11,12. My parents Honolulu, Hawaii, but now. (live)
13,14. Westfield Mall my favorite, but now. (be)
15,16. We phone booths, but now. (use)
17,18. Tim , but now. (model)
19,20. I , but now. (drink)
21,22. She madly in love with Tim, but now. (be)
23,24. Waikee with us, but now. (bowl)


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