SEE REPORT ? Exercise 3 - Simple Past
Write the simple past form of the irregular verb in parentheses ( ).

1. Jill (drive) her son to elementary school everyday.
2. The class (understand) the lecture after completing the assignment.
3. I (write) a letter a week before she past away.
4. Our children (fight) all the time.
5. Blake (tear out) the all the pages in the book I was reading.
6. A rock (strike) the window at 120 mph.
7. The candidate (withdraw) from the race.
8. We all (weep) when we heard the terrible news.
9. He (wear) his finest suit to the party.
10. They (throw) us a wonderful farewell party before we left.
11. I (stand) outside her office for over an hour.
12. A bee (sting) her on her eyelid.
13. The last contestant (sing) her heart out.
14. Who (take) the last piece cake?
15. They (teach) us about the Aztec civilization.


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