SEE REPORT ? Exercise 6 - Simple Past
Use the negative form of the simple past to complete the sentences. Use the clues given.

1. Mark didn't brush his teeth yesterday because he (have) enough time.
2. Mark and Yuri didn't eat anything because they (be) hungry.
3. I didn't run because I (be) in a panic.
4. Veronica (do) well on her final exams.
5. Murphy and Kareem (follow) proper operating procedures.
6. The burglar (wear) gloves, giving authorities many fine fingerprints.
7. We (be) happy with our TOEFL scores considering all the time we spent studying.
8. There (be) much pasta left after Josh gulped down most of it.
9. We went to a concert, but we (enjoy) it.
10. Why (you, text) me back last night?
11. He (be) interested in the class because he didn't read the textbook or do the assignments. He was just lazy.
12. I (has) the patience to wait for Mark at the station, so I left.
13. Bill (was) interested in being a student, so he started his own company.
14. Natty doesn't like the Three Stooges, so she (stay up) to watch TV with her boyfriend.
15. Ana (study) at school because she couldn't concentrate.


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