SEE REPORT ? Exercise 2 - Past and Past Participle Forms of Irregular Verbs
Choose the correct forms.

Present Past Past Participle
be was, were 1
become became become
begin 2 begun
blow blew 3
break 4 broken
bring brought brought
catch caught caught
choose 5 chosen
come came 6
deal dealt dealt
do 7 done
drink 8 drunk
drive 9 driven
eat 10 eaten
fall fell fallen
fly 11 flown
forbid forbade forbidden
forget 12 forgotten
forgive forgave forgiven
freeze 13 frozen
get got gotten
give 14 given
go went gone
grow 15 grown
hear heard heard
hide 16 hidden
keep kept kept
know knew 17
lay laid laid
lead led led
Present Past Past Participle
lie (on a bed) 18 lain
meet met met
pay paid paid
read read read
ride 19 ridden
ring rang rung
rise rose risen
run 20 run
say said said
see 21 seen
seek sought sought
send sent sent
shake 22 shaken
shine shone shone
sing 23 sung
sit sat sat
sleep slept slept
speak 24 spoken
spend spent spent
stand stood stood
steal 25 stolen
swim swam swum
take 26 taken
teach taught taught
tear tore 27
think thought thought
throw 28 thrown
understand understood understood
wake woke woken
wear wore 29
write wrote 30

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