SEE REPORT ? Exercise 5 - Simple Past
Use the simple past form and the verbs below to complete the questions. Use did and the clues given. Verbs can be used only once.

put    step    pass    approve    catch    ask    do    take    die    tweet    have   expect    sink    say    invent

1. Really? When away?
2. you out on a date?
3. Where in dog crap?
4. How in the hot dog eating contest?
5. Why on fire?
6. an ├ęclair out of a trashcan and eat it?
7. When the baby?
8. the new Dean of Students yet?
9. Alice yelled, "What would happen by putting chemicals on your face?"
10. What to you when they were handed their punishment?
11. Where my engagement ring?
12. Where ?
13. What time you?
14. How ?
15. What in 1877?


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