SEE REPORT ? Exercise 10 - Present Perfect or Simple Past
Choose the correct present perfect or simple past form.
Example: Have you always had the same car?

1. you ever had an affair, Mr. Cochran?
2. Why you decide to join the Army?
3. For how long this line of work?
4. you visited many places since you arrived?
5. I feel bad that I his graduation ceremony last Friday.
6. Selena ever considered modeling?
7. Where when you worked in Japan?
8. How Craig's promotion last week?
9. How long this leak been neglected?
10. Jack and Jill a lot of time working in their yard last spring.
11. Where on your vacation last year?
12. Mara and I are good friends. We each other since we were five years old.
13. Where in Hawaii so far?
14. How Pete lose that game?
15. Where on Maui last summer?


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