SEE REPORT ? Exercise 5 - Present Perfect
Choose the correct simple present, present perfect, or present perfect continuous form.

1. I've only it for about a year.
2. Where on your vacation last year?
3. My wife that show for years now.
4. Can you call back a little later? Tadashi and I an interesting discussion, and I'd like to finish it.
5. Flor and I are good friends. We each other since we were five years old.
6. Juan and Tea a lot of time working in their yard last spring.
7. She that paper for three days, and she's not done yet.
8. I these poems for weeks, but I still don't understand them.
9. How Tetyana lose that game?
10. Mrs. Sim has been a lot of progress with her English.
11. My boss has just me a promotion and a raise!
12. Where I've been calling you for hours.
13. Where before you took this job?
14. The company accountant my office because they're painting his.


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