SEE REPORT ? Exercise 1 - Present Perfect
Choose the correct present perfect form or adverb (phrase).

1. Akira has been a carpenter for
2. I've been a reference librarian since
3. Suzanne and I have been best friends since
4. Have you been interested in game shows since you a librarian?
5. I've been exercising for , and I'm exhausted.
6. My family loves this house. We here since I was born.
7. Mrs. Reynolds has been our teacher since
8. Have you been studying the rules for the show we called?
9. Laura's flight hasn't gotten in It's late because of the bad weather.
10. Look! The flowers have bloomed and spring hasn't even arrived.
11. I haven't done the laundry I'm going to try to do it tonight.
12. Mario has been on a diet for two weeks, and he's lost ten pounds.


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