SEE REPORT ? Exercise 2 - Present Perfect
Choose the correct present perfect form or adverb (phrase).
Example: Have you visited Himeyuri Peace Museum yet?

1. wanted to travel around Prague.
2. been to Brussels?
3. I over Italy many times on the way to Greece.
4. My friend Taipei three years in a row.
5. I there.
6. We about going back to see Mauna Kea.
7. However, we it is hard to get hotel reservations.
8. He hasn't come to see us
9. Have you been to the dentist
10. We have completed all of our work.
11. I it five times already.
12. Stacy and Andrew in this house for seventy years.
13. He far worse accidents than this one.
14. The essays that she so far are unacceptable.
15. While snowfall normal or above normal across most of the West this winter, dryness in many areas will prevent flooding in the region.


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