SEE REPORT ? Exercise 3 - Present Perfect
Choose the correct present perfect form or adverb (phrase).
Examples: She says that she has never been scared by a horror movie.
Did you say that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the most horrifying movie you have ever seen?

1. Has anyone in your family won the lottery?
2. How your birthday last year?
3. We're sorry that we your game last night.
4. you lived here long, Arina?
5. Where before you moved here?
6. No, but I've wanted to.
7. She has always I should apply as a contestant.
8. Have you ever to Italy?
9. I've wanted to go to Paris, but I'm afraid of flying.
10. Have you ever to a movie studio?
11. you ever appeared on a game show, Mr. Alfonse?
12. Tomas ever thought about going back to school?
13. You're a librarian. How long that kind of work?
14. How long Mr. Valdes worked here?
15. Why you decide to try out for the chess team?


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