SEE REPORT ? Exercise 6 - Present Perfect Continuous
Write the present perfect progressive or present continuous form of the verb. Be sure to capitalize the first letter of a sentence.

1. It (pour) rain all week. I hope it stops by Saturday so we can go to the zoo.
2. A: Charlie (study) for his Chinese test at the library right now.
3. B: He (review) for the test every day for the past week.
4. You look really fit! (you, exercise) at the fitness center?
5. Frank, where have you been? We (wait) for you since 10 p.m.
6. A: A car alarm (ring) somewhere down the street.
7. A: It (drive) me crazy. I wish it would stop!
8. B: I know. It (ring) for more than twenty minutes.
9. A: Takeshi's English (improve, really), isn't it?
10. B: He (watch) American television programs.
11. A: And don't forget that he (study) his grammar every day since he first arrived in San Francisco. Soon he will be fluent.
12. A: You look a little tired. (you, get) enough sleep lately?
13. B: Yes, I (sleep) relatively well.
14. B: I just look tired because I (feel) a little sick for the last week.
      A: I hope you feel better soon.
15. B: Thanks. I (take, currently) some medicine, so I should feel better in a couple of days.


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