SEE REPORT ? Exercise 8 - Present Perfect
Complete the sentences with the negative present perfect tense. Use the words from the question.
6-15 require the negative present perfect, the future be going to VERB and the correct pronoun.

Example 1-5: She attended all the performances last year, but she hasn't attended any this year.
Example 6-15:Have they taken a break yet? No. They haven't taken a break yet, but they're going to take one in five minutes.

1. It rained a lot last spring, but it much so far this spring.
2. My favorite boxer won many fights last year, but he many this year.
3. We went out a lot last semester, but we much this semester.
4. I ate a lot during the holidays last year, but I much so far this season.
5. She has been to Little Tokyo several times, but I there yet. I want to try it.

6 & 7. Has he asked her out yet? No. He 6 her out yet, but 7 her out soon.
8 & 9. Have you bought a new car yet? No. I 8 a new car yet, but 9 one at the end of the model year.
10 & 11. Have you seen any good movies so far this year? No. I 10 any good movies yet, but 11 Lincoln this weekend.
12 & 13. Have you read a newspaper lately? No. I 12 a newspaper lately, but 13 one next month since I'm taking advantage of The Hour's recent promotion.
14 & 15. Have you seen the new play at the Manoa Valley Theatre yet? No. I 14 it yet, but 15 it with Tiffany this weekend.


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