SEE REPORT ? Exercise 4 - Present Perfect
Write the present perfect form of the verb.

1. You (made) too many mistakes on the assembly line. This is not going to work out.
2. Hank is from Kansas, so he (be, never) to the beach. He should come with us to Hawaii.
3. Traveling (become) much faster since the advent of jets.
4. I cannot believe how much Brett (change) since I saw him last.
5. This slope (hike, never) by anyone.
6. Kids are still playing video games, but today's games (become) faster, more exciting interactive adventures.
7. In short, the simple, separate machines of the past (evolve) into an international World Wide Web of knowledge.
8. Computers (change) tremendously over the past fifteen years.
9. That couple over there (be, only) here for ten minutes, and they already have their order. How about us?
10. A: Are you a fan of opera?
      B: I (be, never) to an opera.
11. Derik (live) in Honolulu for forty years, so he's ready for a change.
12. Barbara and I (know) each other for over twelve years. We know everything about each other.
13. She (write) numerous multiplatinum pop songs in the past decade. Everyone knows her music.
14. I (have, not) this much fun since I was a kid.
15. Things (change, not) much the past twenty years.


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