SEE REPORT ? Exercise 10 - Pronouns
Choose the correct pronoun.
Example: The group's members discussed amongst themselves before submitting recommendations.

1. When Mr. Carlin was young, he taught Mandarin.
2. Your life isn't so hard, Shinji. Stop feeling sorry for
3. Did Hannah enjoy at Six Flags last month?
4. By the end of the year, you and your classmates will know very well, and I hope you'll be friends.
5. If you and Abdelmounaim want to meet Professor Kim go over and introduce to him.
6. If you don't want to go to the movies tonight, I'll go by
7. Did you see the new TV drama last night? The show isn't great, but the special effects are breathtaking.
8. It's easy to see that the bride and groom love very much.
9. Cesar often imagines quitting his job, starting his own business, and retiring by 45.
10. Did you and Gisele help with your math homework? You have all the same answers!
11. I'm glad that all our guests are helping to the food.
12. Kids, please behave while I'm gone.


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