SEE REPORT ? Exercise 1 - Pronouns
Choose the correct pronoun.
Example: The group's members discussed amongst themselves before submitting recommendations.

Yesterday, Susan left 1 purse on the bus when 2 went downtown.
Mary got a bad grade on 3 test in Mr. Thomas's class. 4 is going to talk to 5 during 6 office hours tomorrow.
Grace and Karl took 7 baby to the doctor for a check-up. 8 need to take 9 in every four months.
John doesn't want anybody to touch 10 things, and Julie doesn't want anyone to touch 11
12 are worried that no one will come to our party because no one has called us yet.
Barbara went to 13 nephew's birthday party yesterday. 14 gave 15 a book that a friend of 16 had recommended.
Teresa bought a sweater as a gift. She is going to give it to 17 brother. She also bought some towels. She is going to give 18 to a friend as a wedding present.
If 19 don't finish 20 homework on time, the teacher will ask 21 to correct it by yourself.


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