SEE REPORT ? Exercise 11 - Reflexive Pronouns
Use the correct reflexive pronouns to complete the sentences.

1. John hurt while fixing his car.
2. When I saw in the mirror, I was horrified -- there was red paint on my nose!
3. At 12:30, Junko and I went to the cafeteria to get some lunch.
4. Look! There's a beaver cleaning   in the river.
5. Welcome to the party, everyone! Help to sandwiches and snacks.
6. Jody and her husband own their own company, so they can give a holiday any time they like.
7. Can I ask you a question, Sami? Did you learn German in school, or did you teach ?
8. I'll have to help Yumiko fill in her form, but Yuko can do it since her English is excellent.
9. We gave a second chance to complete the course.
10. Did they lock out of the house again?
11. Class, give a pat on the back for a job well done.
12. He washed .
13. She looked at in the mirror.
14. Diabetics give insulin shots several times a day.
15. After the crazy party, I asked , "Why the hell did I invite everyone in the office?"


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