SEE REPORT ? Exercise 3 - Pronouns
Use these pronouns to complete the sentences: it, we, you, them, us, I, him, me, her.
Example: I will present our idea to him tomorrow.

1. Your sister and are leaving now. Wait for us.
2. I've fallen and I can't get up. Please help .
3. Call Bruce. He called last night when you were out.
4. Marry Jacob. He loves very much.
5. Lookup the definitions of words. Then study .
6. He's in the hospital. Why don't you visit ?
7. She's a doctor. Ask about your back problems.
8. That's my dictionary. I need for the test tomorrow.
9. He was absent yesterday. Show the homework assignment.
10. She's very good at math. Ask for help with your homework.
11. Why are your sneakers in the hallway? in the closet.
12. I like that story. Read to me again.
13. We don't know this city. Please help .
14. Please help us. 're worried about the test tomorrow.


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