SEE REPORT ? Exercise 8 - Pronouns
Choose the correct sentence or pronoun.

1. Kelly:
    Mario: Sorry. My car's in the shop.

2. Jeremy: Dad, I don't know what to get you and Mom for your anniversary.

3. Glenda: Does Dorothy like pizza?

4. Randy: Wendy and I need a ride to school today.

5. Alan: Our trip to London was very interesting.

6. Glenda: Does Rita like vegetables?

7. Mandy: Wilma needs a ride to school tomorrow.

8. Aida: Our vacation in Florida was a lot of fun.

9. Today is my nephew's birthday, so we made a cake.
10. Maggie and Peter have three children. We see at the bus stop every morning.
11. An mp3 player for Dad? He doesn't like music.
12. Do you and Helen need a ride? I can take to the picnic.
13. Do they need to eat? We can get some lunch on the way to the game.
14. A Blu-Ray player for Ricardo? Great idea! movies.
15. Mr. Foresight has two assistants. I see in the coffee room every morning.


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