SEE REPORT ? Exercise 5 - Pronouns
Use the correct pronouns. Begin sentences with a capital letter.
Example: My family and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. We live in a small house on the beach.

          My name is Sara Skolnick. 1 live in Atlanta. Atlanta is a city in the state of Georgia. 2 is a big city. My parents are George and Beth. My parents and I live in a small house. 3 love our house. My sister's name is Rose. 4 is a student at Georgia Tech. My brother's name is Hank. 5 is an engineer. Hank and his family live in Decatur, a small city near Atlanta. 6 live in a big house.
          My name is Cassandra Burnett. 7 live in Denver. Denver is a city in the state of Colorado. 8 is a big city. My parents, Mark and Carla, live in an apartment in Denver. My brother's name is Bruce. 9 is a basketball player. My sister's name is Pamela. 10 and her husband live in Golden, a small city near Denver. 11 live in a big house in the mountains. My parents and I love the mountains. 12 go to my sister's house and take beautiful photos.


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