SEE REPORT ? Exercise 12 - Pronouns
Choose the answer that correctly uses a pronoun.
Example: The group's members discussed amongst themselves before submitting recommendations.

1. We weren't in the mood to go to a movie, but Rose talked into it.
2. Cara often goes to the movies by
3. How can you guys expect other people to respect you if you don't respect
4. No, we can't lend you our notes because we need them
5. Adriana didn't want to study, but she talked into it.
6. It's not always easy for friends to stay in touch with when one of them moves to another city.
7. What do you like to do when you're yourself?
8. When Alex and I study together, we help a lot.
9. Mio, can't I talk into staying for dinner? There's plenty of food.
10. Yumi lives by herself.
11. Nina and Brenda hurt themselves in the soccer game.
12. Emily doesn't like to go shopping by herself.
13. Dino and Shakira talk to themselves all the time.
14. Belinda and her sisters always help one another.
15. Steve isn't himself today.


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