SEE REPORT ? Exercise 4 - Pronouns
Use the correct pronoun.
Examples: Joe's father works at City Hall. He has worked there for thirty years.
Holy Trinity Church is over one hundred years old. It burned down in 2001 and was rebuilt soon after.

1. My name is Pat. 'm from Michigan.
2. My mother is a teacher. works at a school.
3. The school is small. is near our house.
4. My brother and I are students. 're students at the University of Michigan.
5. Javier and his sister work in New York. 're reporters.
6. Jose is my classmate. is a good friend, too.
7. This is my class. is in room 207.
8. His name is Brice. 's also my classmate at MSU.
9. Julia is my sister. is my friend too.
10. Carla and I are in English 101. love our class.
11. Mr. and Mrs. Baker are teachers. 're teachers at a small school in Montreal.
12. The Takaetsus live near me. are a nice family.
13. Francis works at a school. is happy there.
14. This is my apartment. is nice.
15. A: How are today?
      B: Fine, thanks.
16. A: Hi, Seong. How are today?
      B: Not so good.
17. My daughter is a student. is at the University of Illinois.
18. My sons are in Nevada. are reporters.
19. My apartment is small. is near the university.
20. My brother is a student. is on vacation now.
21. My mother is fine. is in Florida.


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