SEE REPORT ? Exercise 7 - Pronouns
Use the correct pronouns. Begin sentences with a capital letter.
Payments are due to the landlord and the dentist, and I haven't sent them yet. Where is the checkbook?

A: Tomorrow's Mom and Dad's 25th anniversary, and I still don't have anything for 1. Any ideas?
B: Well, 2 love to eat at the Macaroni House restaurant. How about a gift certificate from there?
A: What a great idea! I can stop at the restaurant and get 3 on my way home from school tomorrow. Thanks, Lou! 4 always have the best ideas!

A: Oh, no! 5's snowing, and I don't have my boots.
B: Where are 6?
A: I left 7 at home. Can 8 give 9 a ride to the bus stop?
B: Sure. My car's in the garage downstairs. Meet 10 in front of the building in five minutes.

A: Are you kids hungry?
B: Yes, 11're starved! What's for dinner?
A: How about spaghetti? 12 both like 13.
B: That sounds good, Mom. And can you make some of your famous garlic bread for 14, too? That's our favorite!


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