SEE REPORT ? Exercise 10 - Guesses about the Future
For 1 to 7, use think, pronouns, and the verbs below in the future tense to complete the questions.
Example: Summer classes will start on May 25. When do you think they will start?

Verbs for 1-7: finish     pass     separate     rain     arrive     come     cost
1. My van needs to be repaired. How much do you ?
2. Claudia and Herman are coming over tonight. What time do  you ?
3. The conference call is still going on. When do you ?
4. Cristina is taking a final exam tomorrow. Do you ?
5. The weather doesn't look very good. Do you ?
6. They are having problems. Do you ?
7. Gail invited him to the party. Do you ?

For 8 to 12, use the clues in ( ) and the verb from the questions in the future tense to complete the statements.
Example: What do you think he'll bring? He will probably bring a gift from Africa. (probably)

8. Where do you think he'll go? I to Seoul, Korea. (bet).
9. How do you think he'll get there? I by plane. (suppose).
10. When do you think he'll leave? He this weekend. (probably).
11. When do you think he'll return? I quite soon. (think).
12 Where do you think he'll stay? I with a friend. (sure).


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