SEE REPORT ? Exercise 11 - Future with "going to" - Expressing Intention
Complete the questions with the given verbs and going to to express intention.
Example: Are you (take off) going to take off some time this summer?

          It's almost midnight, but Suzanne can't sleep. She's too nervous. Tomorrow 1(be)
a very exciting day. Suzanne 2(start) her first real job tomorrow. She 3(work)
as a receptionist in a doctor's office in the city.
          Suzanne and Elaine 4(get up) early. They 5(have) breakfast,
and then they 6(drive) to the train station. They 7(park) their car at the
station and take the train to the city. Elaine works in the city too.
          Suzanne 8(get) to work early. The doctor 9(arrive) early too.
He wants to explain everything about the office. Suzanne thinks she 10(love) her new job.


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