SEE REPORT ? Exercise 8 - Negative Future with going to
Use the correct pronoun (it, they, she, he, we, you) + isn't / aren't + going to + verb form to complete the sentences.
Examples: Sharon is going to go snorkeling. She isn't going to go hiking. (hike)
They're going to paint the living room. They aren't going to paint the kitchen. (paint)

1. Steven is going to go swimming. He . (sail)
2. The team is going to take a shower. They a bath. (take)
3. We're going to go bowling. We . (golf)
4. Barbara is going to go to the beach. She to the movie. (go)
5. My parents are going to clean the attic. They the floors. (wax)
6. It's going to be warm tomorrow. It warm on Sunday. (be)
7. Robert is going to listen to the news. He American Idol. (watch)
8. You're going to buy a used car? You a new car? (lease)
9. Bob and Yuko are going to go to Disneyland. They to France. (travel)
10. Your mother is going to be very upset. She happy. (be)


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