SEE REPORT ? Exercise 6 - Future Tense
Choose the correct future tense form.
Example: What time are you leaving tomorrow?

A: Oh, no! I forgot to deposit my paycheck yesterday.
B: I1 deposit it for you. It's on my way.

A: Look at Natasha's face. I think she2 cry.
B: Poor kid. She really wants to come with us today.

A: I can't believe I got into medical school.
B: You3 a doctor in just a few years!

A: Should I make reservations at Derrick's for tonight?
B: It's already arranged. We 4 meeting there at 5:30.

A: Take your umbrella. It5 rain.
B: Thanks. I didn't listen to the weather report this morning.

A: Do you and Nina have plans for the weekend?
B: Yes, we6 go to a concert on Friday. I just bought the tickets.

A: It's almost June. What 7 do for the summer?
B: How about summer school?

A: I8 the train to Carbondale tomorrow.
B: Oh. What time does it leave?

A: My son is really interested in the Space X program.
B: Maybe he 9 a career in space exploration when he grows up.

A: 10 Miki call back this afternoon?
B: She promised to call, but she's usually in class all afternoon.


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