SEE REPORT ? Exercise 7 - Future Tense
Choose the correct future tense form.
Example: When are we leaving?

1. A: Will we be delayed here in Hartford for long?
B: We until nine o'clock.

2. A: Have you heard the weather report?
B: It this evening.

3. A: How will I recognize your brother when I get to the airport?
B: He a black coat.

4. A: It's your turn to do the dishes, right?
B: Ok. I them.

5. The bus usually leaves at noon, but it's still here. What time today?
6. Will we be living in our new house by the holidays? Yes, .
7. Look at the sky. It a beautiful day!
8. I plan to live in New York until I to school in August.
9. Good night. you tomorrow.
10. I can't go to the party because I the neighbors' children tonight.
11. Fashion is impossible to predict. No one can guess what people in twenty years.
12. Selena wants to work at a department store until she to school in the fall.
13. My class was canceled. Maybe to the library.
14. When Jesus retires from his job, he more time with his family.
15. William and I will be working in the front yard while BJ and Tabitha in the backyard.


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