SEE REPORT ? Exercise 4 - Articles
Choose the correct article.
Example: I was surprised to get a present from Josh. He never gives me anything.

1. I just saw best movie of the year.
2. My sister really wants rabbit for her birthday.
3. I was happy to see policeman who saved my cat!
4. The owner of the land confirmed that there were still hedgehogs in area.
5. It was either someone who had grudge against the prince and wanted to deprive him of sentimental items.
6. This number is continuing to grow at alarming rate.
7. No one should be subjected to emotional and physical poverty of life on the streets.
8. Park rangers are here to help you have enjoyable, safe visit.
9. About half million people are homeless.
10. There was a sound in living room.
11. I'm afraid the answer is 'no'. Come back when you can have better proposal.
12. She's staying at hotel in a small town in South Dakota.
13. I'm afraid I can't remember exact date of the show. But I do know that I bought them in a shop on Broadway.
14. Tom said he was employee at a fast food restaurant. The restaurant is at a shopping mall.
15. You can find books you'll need for class at
16. They refused to listen to Tim because they thought he was overbearing person.
17. He telephoned travel agent that was listed in the telephone directory.
18. John felt the painting was much too expensive and decided to look for different one.
19. Rosella is getting tired of doing same old job.
20. His shoes are all worn out. He'll have to buy new pair.


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