SEE REPORT ? Exercise 12 - Nouns
Choose the correct adverb/adjective.
Example: There was too much snow, so we had to stay inside.

1. Emmitt is short to go on this ride.
2. We have old books. We should donate them to the City Reading Program.
3. I drank coffee, and now I can't get to sleep.
4. Renaldo is going to be tired to help us when he gets home.
5. You spend money on eating out. You should eat at home more often.
6. There are children in the class, so the teacher has a hard time managing them all.
7. young people have a poor diet these days, which means there will be increased obesity in the future.
8. Eating fat is not good for you.
9. Most people eat their meals quickly.
10. You shouldn’t eat eggs because they contain a lot of cholesterol.
11. Some people think healthy food takes long to make.


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