SEE REPORT ? Exercise 7 - Articles
Choose the correct article.
Example: I was surprised to get a present from Josh. He never gives me anything.

1. The finalists for the World Cup were United Kingdom and Brazil.
2. In my opinion, most charming city in California is San Luis Obispo.
3. Chernobyl disaster was the worst disaster in the history of nuclear power.
4. Look around you. You can see the clear-cutting that's been done in forest.
5. Earth is third planet from the sun in our solar system.
6. Elizabeth, don't forget that you have to go to dentist this afternoon.
7. Middle East is the home of many ancient civilizations.
8. We're going to buy new house in the next several months. The house will have to have at least three bedrooms.
9. Mrs. Vicente is selling her house and moving to suburbs.
10. seventh planet from the sun is Uranus.
11. Sorry, I can't join you for lunch after all. I have to go to doctor today. I'd forgotten that I'd set up the appointment.
12. Singapore has become important economic power in the Far East.
13. Soccer is very popular in Italy, Germany, and Netherlands.
14. In our literature class we have to read novel every week.
15. In my view, most beautiful city in Canada is Vancouver.
16. The near disaster at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant in Pennsylvania was worst occurrence of its kind in the United States.
17. Just look around. You can see the improvements that have been made in neighborhood.


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